We have installed a state-of-the-art canning line in our ever-expanding premises, capable of filling 1,800 cans per hour.

Cans have a number of advantages over the more traditional bottles, both practically and in terms of product freshness. Advances in technology mean the beers no longer taste like the cans they come out of, thanks to thin aluminium and a liquid polymer lining which means the beer never actually comes into contact with the metal.

Hops in beer are susceptible to deterioration when they come into contact with light – the reason why most bottled beer is in brown or green glass, rather than clear. Can eliminate this risk of ‘light strike’, but retailers like them, too, because they look good on shelves and area easy to stack. The aluminium is 70% recycled, too, which makes it more ‘green’ than glass.

You can take the cans on our beaches easily. And they are light, so you are more likely to carry a can home and dispose of it properly. They don’t break – they’re far better for the active lifestyle than bottles. And best of all, you can fit loads in the fridge!

Our core range of cans will initially be made up of three products:

Pilsner at (5%)

Session IPA (4.3%)

Antipodean IPA (5.5%).

Seasonal and special releases will follow…