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The end of a epic year

The last brew of the year is safely in tank and it’s time to reflect on this past year. 2016 has been bigger, better and more crazy than any of us at Harbour could have imagined!

It all started in January when we ripped out our old 10bbl brewhouse, we loved that kit and have the old dear to thank for so much. I’m pleased to say it has gone to a great home with a great future, Theo at Deya Brewing in Cheltenham has her up and running and is turning out some great beers. Anyway, throughout January and for most of February we were installing and commissioning our new 30bbl, 4 vessel ABE brewhouse. The upscaling also meant we needed to upgrade the incoming electricity, gas, and water, plus install a new chiller and steam boiler. Oh, and get new drains and floors laid. So, basically, we built a brewery in four and a half weeks. It was a lot more difficult than setting up the brewery in the first place as this time we had customers and staff to keep happy and any major delays would have put the business at serious risk. So, January and February were something of a stressful blur but we got through that and set about getting to grips with our new toy.

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We are Canning!

We have installed a state-of-the-art canning line in our ever-expanding premises, capable of filling 1,800 cans per hour.

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