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A joint statement from Beavertown, Harbour, Magic Rock, Siren & Wild Beer Co addressing concerns on Small Brewery Duty Reform proposals

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a lot of attention focused on our involvement with Small Brewers Duty Reform. Initially we put out a hasty statement distancing ourselves completely from the SBDRC. We then removed the statement as information was put to us that we felt we should consider properly and give the proposals a fair hearing.

The more we have looked at information on all sides, the more intricate and complex the processes and proposals show themselves to be. After taking time to look at this from all angles we feel ready to now make a more informed statement.

We have asked to remove ourselves from the list of supporters for the SBDRC.

We firmly believe that there is a need for reform of SBR which is fair to all sizes of brewer, that supports growth and leads to a more sustainable future for the craft sector, however as part of any proposals we also believe that the 5000hl should be maintained.

We do not wish to be associated with any one particular solution or proposal until there has been a proper debate and consensus formed between industry organisations like the BBPA, SIBA, SBDRC and CAMRA and we hope that they can get round a table soon to agree the best path to reform SBR in a way that is beneficial to the growth and future aspirations of all small brewers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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3/9 Project 2017

The best place to start with this blog piece is probably with a bit of an overview of how this project came about.

Looking back to what seems like ages ago, but in reality only 2015 we created the ‘Five Times Madder’ beer, to great success. So much so, in 2016 we did want to re-approach the idea, and it became the “2/6 project”.

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The end of a epic year

The last brew of the year is safely in tank and it’s time to reflect on this past year. 2016 has been bigger, better and more crazy than any of us at Harbour could have imagined!

It all started in January when we ripped out our old 10bbl brewhouse, we loved that kit and have the old dear to thank for so much. I’m pleased to say it has gone to a great home with a great future, Theo at Deya Brewing in Cheltenham has her up and running and is turning out some great beers. Anyway, throughout January and for most of February we were installing and commissioning our new 30bbl, 4 vessel ABE brewhouse. The upscaling also meant we needed to upgrade the incoming electricity, gas, and water, plus install a new chiller and steam boiler. Oh, and get new drains and floors laid. So, basically, we built a brewery in four and a half weeks. It was a lot more difficult than setting up the brewery in the first place as this time we had customers and staff to keep happy and any major delays would have put the business at serious risk. So, January and February were something of a stressful blur but we got through that and set about getting to grips with our new toy.

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November 2016 – Past, Present and Future.

2016 has been an exciting year at Harbour HQ. We installed a new kit in January, moving from a 10bbl plant – with 140bbl of tank space – to a 30bbl plant with 400bbl of tank space. That expansion was supposed to see us through a few years of growth, but in August we reached capacity both mentally and physically! We had to reduce the varieties of beers we could offer, so we could keep up with demand on a few of our beers. It was never the plan, nor will it ever be, to be a single brand beer factory but we could see things moving that way and we could see our creativity and flexibility disappearing. So it was at that point that we started to plan our next phase of growth. Identifying that if we wanted to continue to grow and still have time and capacity to brew a full range of innovative and exciting beers we needed more space, tanks, equipment and people. We quickly worked out how we could make space, but knowing what equipment we needed isn’t as simple as it used to be. Should we invest in more tanks; a separator; upgrade the canning line? There were lots of questions and everyone seemed to have a different answer. We knew at that point it was the right time to bring in an experienced Head Brewer to help inform our decision making around capital investment and also to help us keep improving our recipes, processes and procedures. 2017 will see us, yet again, invest in a range of new equipment, what that is yet to be decided but the purpose of the new equipment is simple: To continue to improve our beer quality; to allow us more time to be creative; to brew a wider variety of beers and to continue to increase production output to meet demand.

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2/6 Project

We have been asked many times “So, what’s the 2/6 project all about?” and my answer is really simple, “it is a great excuse to get together with some friends, brew some beer and have a party!”

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We are Canning!

We have installed a state-of-the-art canning line in our ever-expanding premises, capable of filling 1,800 cans per hour.

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