India Pale Ale

A modern interpretation of the British classic with pronounced American hop aromas. This golden ale has citrus characters and robust yet balanced bitterness.

Trevose Head & the giant octopus

In a cavernous hollow in the cliff, close to Trevose Head, there once lived a giant octopus. On wild, stormy nights, he would emerge from his sea cave and guide boats through the mist and surf with his long tentacles; gently manoeuvring the ships and their crew to safe harbour.

The octopus was widely admired and respected by local sea folk. Very occasionally, when food was scarce, he crawled up the cliff and feasted on sheep from a nearby farm. This sent the farmer into a rage. He sought revenge but the octopus moved quickly and squirted ink to conceal himself, outwitting the farmer and so starting a feud which lasted many years.

One day at market, the farmer met a local miner and traded his cow for a stick of dynamite. On the next new moon, the farmer crept out to the cliff above the cave and blew off the roof. The giant  octopus sleeping within was slain.

There followed 100 years of doom at Trevose Head, marked by storms and shipwrecks more deathly than any time before; peace being restored only when the lighthouse was built in 1847. The octopus’ collapsed sea cave is now known as the dramatic landmark ‘Round Hole’.

Style: IPA

Draft: 5.0% ABV

Bottle: 5.2% ABV

Category: Core Beers