Amber Ale

Harbour Amber Ale is a malt driven ale with caramel and toffee flavour. Finished with mild floral hops.


In a sea cave, not far from Portreath, lived the giant Wrath. Wrath was feared by fishermen far and wide. Sailors from St. Ives could be overheard in the taverns murmuring in gruff tones that “nothing ever came out of that cavern which was unfortunate enough to get in”.

Giant Wrath would lie in wait in his cupboard – as he liked to call it – and peer out over the misty ocean for ships caught adrift in the strong currents. Eyeing his victims, he would attack with a swipe of his monstrous hand. Then wading out to sea he selected the most succulent sailors for his supper, tied the ships to his girdle and wallowed back to his cave with the loot and crew. On occasions when boats were far from shore, he would climb up onto the cliff and hurl boulders.

The rocks he threw into the sea are still visible when the tide is low, forming a deadly reef that stretches from Godrevy Head, between Reskajeage and Portreath. The roof of the cavern has since collapsed, but is known to this day as ‘Ralph’s Cupboard’.

Style: Amber Ale

Draft: 4%

Bottle: 4.4%

Category: Core Beers